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Logging is Not for Sissies

When people start working with me and I ask them to log their exercise, how much water they

are drinking, and exactly what they are eating, many balk at that process. They don't like the thought of being 'tied' to an app or complain it is too cumbersome, hard, etc.

I remember thinking the same thing especially when I was logging macronutrients and working on making the numbers zero out to the amount of calories, protein, carbs and fats. It seemed tedious and I was resistant but it was the most eye-opening experience of what was exactly going in my mouth.

I thought I was eating healthy and that one piece of chocolate was not a big deal or skipping that protein with my snack but logging to that detail showed me how much of a difference it made.

When I put in my exercise, I could see that what I thought I was doing (3 times a week) and what was actually happening (once a week) was 2 totally different scenarios.

Writing your actions down, being honest with what is happening versus what you want or think is happening is the first step in accountability to yourself. It is the first step to acknowledgement and change.

So the person who said, "I graze all day and that will be too hard to keep track of everything I eat." Yep, this will be the eye opener you are not wanting to face and tell you what you are actually eating. Or the person who will log exercise but maybe not water or especially food - this too is an eye opener of where that person is at with being honest with themselves.

This exercise of logging also sets up the brain to make change easier. When you are ready to 'see' that you are not drinking enough water, you make the shift to increase it. If you are not working out to the schedule you said would work for you, you can 'see' this is on you to make a shift.

This is powerful stuff to own up to your actions and make that appropriate changes that will get you the results you are looking for. Keep on logging!

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