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Not A Diet

When many people start working with me they say to me, "Tell me what to eat." I hear their frustrations when I say, "Eat what you eat and we will make the changes from there". This is not what they are used to hearing. They want the diet. They want the rules.

I don't work with diets. I don't tell you what exactly to eat. I don't work with nutritional labels. I work with inflammation and point out where inflammation in food and lifestyle comes from and it is up to you to make the changes. I teach you to read the labels so you can do this on your own.

It is about meeting you where you are and getting you the information you need for the lifestyle change, for the physical, emotional and mental changes that are necessary to happen for long term success.

It is about making this important to YOU for the right reason - because YOU deserve health! It is about making choices Every. Single. Day. for YOU!

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