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Life -After the Goal

Updated: May 2, 2023

You’ve made it a goal to be impressive in a competition, beat a PR (personal record), or maybe achieve some other fitness goal. Then, you do it. You have achieved your peak performance or state, which is hugely exciting. Now to celebrate you considered a trip to Disney World, but that’s not quite your style. Instead, you order that pizza you’ve been craving, and polish it off yourself. Or, you completely loose the intensity you had. Weeks after, you have not become a complete zoo sloth, but the truth of the matter, the thrill is gone. To stay engaged here are a few tips:

  1. Imagine you’re competing against yourself. Once you beat your PR, create a new goal. Then, tell yourself you want it.

  2. Find a group/ club that stays active in your pursuit and aims for results.

  3. Journal what it means to win and explore what it means to work toward the next level. Is there any hesitation to work through?

  4. Reflect on how good success feels and ways to maintain it.

  5. Choose a reward that will help you achieve your next goal (i.e. new training shoes, or new earbuds).

  6. Add to your workout playlist

  7. Watch motivational videos to get you focused.

  8. Read / watch a biography of an inspirational person.

  9. Tell 3 friends about your next goal.

  10. Put your next level goal on a post-it, then stick it to your bathroom mirror.

Crush it!!

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