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Holiday Survival: Getting Back Up!

I am hearing from several of you that things got a bit crazy over the holidays and not the best choices were made. Yep that happens. It is not about the falling down that is so difficult (that was easy!) - it is about how quickly you get back up and on track.

Go back to the basics:

  • Measure your water and add to what you were drinking. Flush that system out of the yuck food.

  • Eat - many of you will want to stop eating, fast, or drop your calories but this will not serve you. Or you also may not feel that hungry. That is not the best either. Eat early and make it high protein and high good fats. Eat often - 5 times a day with a protein and fat.

  • Drop most of the carbs as well for just a bit til you are back on track as these will trigger the sugar fix.

  • Need a sweet fix? Make my favorite, Avocado pudding: Ripe avocado, cacoa and stevia to taste. Mix together and divide into 2T treats. Limit treat to 2 a day.

  • Log - plan the whole day ahead so you know what your are going to eat. Maybe even pack it even though you may be working from home. Have it ready to go so you are more apt to choose the right stuff.

  • Gentle exercise - Move the blood but not hard core running. Walk, weight training, yoga, pilates.

  • Most important - THROW out the stuff that is tempting. Even take it out to the garbage can! Getting rid of the temptation will be a huge help.

Finally, Be Kind to yourself. We are not perfect. Accept the responsibility that yep you chose that but right now - this minute - choose to get back on track. You got this!

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