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That Mysterious Feeling...

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Café for Teens-

Yeah, I get it. This is not how you expected to spend your prime years. You’re going to be 18 before you know it and now because of the new world order of the “unprecedented”, you feel like you’re falling behind in where most kids would be about now. Let’s face it, you know that stunning prom date and that magnificent first kiss is not quite the same on Zoom. In the meantime, you’re wondering how to survive the nightmare and shake off the blahs when your too tired to feel worried.

Sometimes , the best way to get through a tough situation, which may be feeling anxious about the future, yet  feeling bored out of your skull is to change how you look at it. For example, one way to look at remote learning is a time to work on you. Do you want to work on confidence? Take up drawing? Firm up that tummy? Learn a sick guitar riff? Now is the time. Challenge yourself! Think of it like a butterfly in a cocoon. When it’s inside, it’s awkward and cramped. However, when the time is right, they’re able to venture out and ready to spread their wings. No worries, if a butterfly is not your thing, try the garden variety moth. Adapt and conquer!

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