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Join the Club?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Café for Teens-

You have a mound of homework every night, which takes hours to finish. There is a club you’ve wanted to join, but the school year has been so unpredictable. Now you see an opportunity. However, you question if joining is worth the risk and the stress? Unless you’re failing a class -first may miss out on more than you think by not joining.

It’s like this. There are more reasons to join the club than chess, for example. It is increasing your social network. It’s more time to chat with a crush. It is builds a club related skill, improves time management and organizational skills. Are you thinking about going to college? Well, club experience looks awesome, makes you more competitive, on college applications. It shows you have depth, you can get along with others, and you’ll maybe even add to their academic culture and student life. If you have questions on which club, because maybe none of them really fit you, talk to someone. Talk to a trusted adult, parent, guidance counselor, etc. Why not start one? This is your time. Seize the moment!

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