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Updated: May 2, 2023

Everyone is talking about plans for the fall. You’re considering school, but you’re not ready to fork-out some serious cash. The truth of matter is you’re not sure you like one thing enough to stick with it a month, let alone two to four years.

Fortunately, careers aren’t like they were a generation ago when you sought a career path and stayed until retirement. The pandemic has taught us a lot about flexibility and reinventing. This said, you’re not stuck.

A four year university has its perks. A full academic emersion where your books and classmates become your life. Community college and trade schools can offer a similar feel and are more affordable. All have the option of some kind of job, however, if you’re a full-time student, you’re studying is intended to be your job. If you want to dabble in a few subjects, learn from top schools and pay nothing (certificates will cost a few dollars), there is the massive open online course option. You can choose courses from colleges around world with a global network of peers.

So Basically, you have a lot of options. You can even throw in a sport or other extra-curriculars to build an even more enriching experience. The main factor is time. For more insight, check in with your high school guidance counselor or a career counselor. They know of all kinds of fancy surveys to help you narrow your interests. Besides, some would say the goal is not so much the end game right now. You know, finding that 9 to 5 job career. It’s enjoying the journey of discovery along the way.

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