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Future Squad

Updated: May 2, 2023

Sure, on any given day you barely have enough energy to get through the school day. The mental drain of class, the social drain at lunch, and the number of times you walk clearly from one end of school and back. It’s tough. So, to go out of your way to expand your group of friends is obviously not a high priority. BUT, maybe it should be??

Have you ever had a day when you felt tapped out and that random friend, you know, the one that’s just a smidge above an acquaintance and basic facial recognition, helps out? They come through with that pencil when needed, or give you piece of gum at that crucial moment. These are small things, but in the right moment they are momentous.

The benefits of being a nice human being, goes without saying. Thinking forward, strategically, it’s hard to predict who might be a crucial ally in an unknown situation. Having the basic relationship of just saying, “Hey,” when passing down the hall, could be just the seed to grow your future squad, if needed. Their motivation to help you could be simply, you’re a nice person, that said ,“Hey” on the day they needed it most.

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