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Effort = Results

Frustrated that things don't seem to be moving? Weight not shifting? Find making changes difficult or just not motivated? Yep I get it. We all get into those emotions and ruts.

We have been conditioned by life to have things happen immediately. We have a health issue and we go to the doctor and get a pill and it fixes it right away. Unfortunately, we are not at our current health and weight because of what we did yesterday AND we won't get healthy or drop fat over night either (at least not in a healthy manner).

I have found that what effort we put in is what results we get out. Are you putting in the effort? Are you drinking enough water? Are you looking at ingredients? Are you choosing healthier foods? Are you willing to give up the bread or sweets or a cocktail, just right now, to get to your goal? Are you willing to dive deeper with me to figure out what needs to get this moving?

These are your answers - not mine. Sometimes we are not ready to do this and that is ok. Take a break and come back when you are. But I recommend that if things are not moving to take a deep dive into your actions. Be honest with yourself! Are you saying one thing but doing something else?

Like anything else the focus and work we put in on the process has a direct correlation to the results we see. You got this.

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