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What Are You Saying?

Words, Words, Words. We use them every day but do we really pay attention to them? When we talk to other people most of the time we used to be in front of them. We watch their body language, their facial expression. However as a health coach, who works by phone and text, it is important for me to really 'hear' and pay attention to what is being said and to word choice.

When I ask how someone is doing and they say, "I'm Fine." I think oh boy. There is a story there. To me, FINE stands for F'ed up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. It has always been true in my experience. Fine does not translate to good or well. See if you agree whether you hear this from someone else or yourself.

Another word that I listen for is "Try". For me, there is no try - either you DO it or you Don't. Think about the times that you use that word. 'Yep, I will try to come.' Nope I have no plans on going, I just don't want to admit it now. "I tried the work out." Did I? Did I really give it a chance?

Another good one is 'I Know'. This is a great phrase that to me tells me the other person is just trying to shut me up. 'I know what to do.' 'I know how to do that.' We don't know anything until we do it consistently. We may have read something and think we 'know' it but unless we put it into practice, we really don't know anything.

See if any of this resonate with you. Are these phrases that are in your everyday language? Words have energy and as we work to raise the energy around us, it is important to use clear, concise and accurate language. Watch for it in others as well as yourself!

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