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Comfort, Control and Predictability

The brain is a funny thing. It can be smart, but it can also be our worst enemy. The brain and ego are always looking for Comfort, Control and Predictability and when it doesn’t feel that - it balks and talks really loud to us all. That is why change can be challenging.

When you start eating eggs and fruit for breakfast instead of cereal - it says - yuck - this doesn’t feel good in my belly. I don’t like this. Or when you start drinking more water and have to go to the bathroom - Hey what is going on! Or when you give up sugar or wheat - man it gets really loud.

Or when you start taking the time to plan meals when you normally are vegging on the couch watching TV - the brain is like what are you doing? This is hard.

I love change but I know many peeps do not like getting out of the comfort zone. I practice change a lot - move the furniture around. Get up and meditate then eat or some days it is eat and then meditate. Every time we do something just a little different we are practicing and teaching our brain to be ok with change.

Acknowledging that we all like comfort, control and predictability and change takes us out that gives us the understanding that once we learn these new things, then that will be comfortable for us. Then it won’t seem so ‘hard’.

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