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"It's So Hard!"

Many have started the year with intentions of logging food, losing weight, getting healthy, exercising, etc and now that you are 2 week in you may not be seeing the results you wanted, you find logging a pain in the arse, you are tired of going to the bathroom every hour, exercise is not enjoyable, etc. You tell yourself, this is hard, this is not worth it. I see this all the time.

When we do things that are different than our older habits, it is harder. We are out of our comfort zone. Also when there are biological changes in the body, cleaner food, added water, movement, etc, our body starts changing. Yep we may not 'see' or even 'feel' the change but trust me, physiologically there is change. This is what then tells your brain - THIS IS HARD!

So what is your go-to when things get 'hard'? When you get out of your comfort zone? When life gets to be a struggle? When you don't see the results you are looking for as quickly as you want them? When it takes more effort than you want to put in or it did before? When the mail or tax statements feel like too much to handle? What do you do? Do you quit? Find an excuse or a distraction not to do it? Create a story why it never works? OR Do you dig in? Tackle it head on? Choose one thing to focus on and add on when ready? Persevere in the discomfort? Do more? Reach out for help? Journal your feelings? Understand that change is 'hard' but you are stronger than that and you decide what is 'hard'?

It it good to know how you respond to change and know you have the ability to choose differently every single minute. It is not about the falling down but how quickly you pick yourself back up and persevere! You got this.

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