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Celebrate Food Freedom

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Happy 4th of July! Wanted to send along some simple strategies for celebrating freedom in an especially freeing way. Here are tips to help you rid yourself of food-related guilt. With these strategies, you can enjoy any gathering you attend without the summer eats being the most front and center thing on your mind. 1. Begin the day (and everyday) with a breakfast that is high in both protein and fiber. This will fill you up and keep your blood sugar stable so that you don't crash or get overly hungry come midday.

2. Arriving famished = OVEREATING. Remember there is no such thing as “saving up calories" before an event. Have a nutritious snack an hour or so before the celebration like an apple and peanut butter.

3. At the celebration fill half of your plate with fruits/veggies/lean protein. If you are a guest bring something that fits at least one of these categories. Easy choice: watermelon! Who doesn't love a slice in the height of summer? Or try the Flag Fruit Kabob recipe in the link below.

4. Eat, do not drink, your calories. Have water throughout the day. Relaxing and enjoying a beer or a glass of wine is fine, but remember to stay well-hydrated and that chewing food leads to satiety.

5. Ignore the mundane. Tostitos? Store-bought pasta salad? Breyer's vanilla ice cream? Boring! Don't waste your time or the space on your plate.

6. Savor the foods that really appeal to you. If your cousin makes a nacho dip you love every 4th of July, enjoy it without a second thought!

7. And my favorite of all... focus your attention on the joy. Chat with friends, play cornhole, wear flip flops, sit in the sunshine, go swimming, see a parade, head to the beach, watch fireworks! In our diet-obsessed culture, we spend so much of our mental energy thinking about what we should eat; what we shouldn't eat; what we just ate. What a waste of our precious time! Try these tips and make this 4th of July the first of many holidays where you experience freedom from food-related guilt. Photo credit and kabob recipe:

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