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Better health

at your fingertips

How it works

Members: discover easier communication between you and your doctors, coaches and entire care team

Care Team: streamline your care team's communication, coordination and telehealth visits 

24/7 Patient - Care Team Connection

Interact one-on-one with your doctor, coach and other care team members.

Share your blood pressure, weight, mood & glucose levels, and meals with your care team right from your phone or tablet.


Chat with your care team and request video telemedicine consults.  

MyHealthCoach is an especially valuable tool for patients considering a trip to the doctor as well as patients with chronic conditions.

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iOS app for telehealth consults
Android app for telehealth consults

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Telemedicine Solutions, LLC

425 N Martingale Rd. #1250

Schaumburg, IL 60173

(847) 519-3500

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