• Erica Green

Zoom Master in Covid’s Twilight

The school year is over. Whether you were hybrid or total remote this past school year, you’ve probably mastered a new skill set, the art of Zoom. You can blur your background, give yourself a wicked study space backdrop or give yourself an instant face-lift -all in one click of the mouse. Now that you’re home for the summer, I bet you’re wondering what else you can do. Sure, things are opening and staying indoors for anything is the last thing on your mind. So let’s call this list the rainy day potpourri:

1. Stream a concert

2. Tour a museum online, like the Louvre, in France.

3. Learn an instrument, like the didgeridoo.

4. Learn about a bunch of world records that need breaking.

5. Work on your A game, personal development stuff

Pick-up lines

Confidence (in body language)

Who knows, you may even appreciate revisiting some of the virtual stuff, the new-old normal...

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