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  • Peggi Ingram

Your Path

We all have a path which we are on. Our path is our own - not one of our kids, our significant others, or our friends. They are part of the path and we are part of theirs but it is important that we don't interfere with theirs or allow them to interfere with ours.

We make choices on our path - which road to take, which job to take, who we spend time with, how to eat, etc. and each of these decision are right! Each of these decision are exactly where we need to be at that moment. We are here to learn from each of these little side roads on our path on whether that was a path we want to permanently take or one that requires a turn around.

Continue to evaluate your path if it feels good; If you are meeting your goals and desires and make adjustments along the way. Life is about the journey even the pitfalls. Find love for your path!

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