• Peggi Ingram

Worth It!

When we decide to make a change in our lives we are normally in alot of pain, dis-ease and discomfort. We are unhappy with ourselves for the choices we have made to get us where we are AND we want results to happen overnight!

Change is a process! Sometimes a simple one but most of the time it is a long process, a very long process. This process can have challenges but it can also be fun.

We learn alot about ourselves. We learn what works, what doesn't. We learn where we made mistakes, we learn our triggers and that we are stronger than we think. We learn responsibility. We learn accountability.

During this process it is so important to be kind to yourself. To love yourself even when you make mistakes, when the line is not straight, when it takes longer than you thought it would.

Taking the time and committing to the process even when it is hard or long, is so worth it. It demonstrates that YOU are WORTH it.

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