• Peggi Ingram

When the Going Gets Tough....

How was your weekend? Is it getting busier? Do you feel you are doing your best to get everything done? Are you struggling with staying consistent with good choices, especially food choices?

We are ALWAYS looking for comfort, control and predictability. That is what our brain does. That is its role. It wants to make life easier. So when we get busy - when our schedule changes, we will resort to our older habits looking for that comfort. Which may means - fast food, cookies, bread, ie; comfort food.

If you have noted this in yourself, this is when I suggest NEVER going out doing even ONE errand without your bottles of water and some healthy snacks - apples, chicken strips/meatballs, RX bar or other good protein bar, hard boiled eggs, etc. Believe me, this has saved me many times as these little lapses in judgement can hurt your progress for weeks let alone send you down a rabbit hole of addiction.

Also, if you have to choose between exercise and planning/buying/prepping/eating healthy food - The healthy food wins. Not that this is an excuse to not work out but you will get a better return on the food than adding more adrenal stress to the already stressed body.

Finally, be kind to yourself. If you made a few not so good choices this weekend, take a deep breath, dust yourself off, pick up today and make a different choice. Make a plan and stick to it. That is it! No regret, anger, guilt etc. Let it go and move on!

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