• Peggi Ingram

When is the Right Time?

Oh my goodness when I read that - I laughed so hard. I hear that from so many people. "It is hard to diet in the summer - too many BBQ's, baseball games, hectic schedules, alcohol, etc."

Yet, farmer's markets are in full swing, it is light out earlier and later making it easier to get up and workout before anyone else is up. Our metabolism is at its highest making it easier to drop fat. Schedules are always hectic.

"The fall and winter has too many holiday such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years that require sweets, alcohol and social gathers." Yep, there will always be Snicker bars or Skittles or pumpkin pie or anything else that tempts you. We have that available to us all year long. What if we just choose not to imbibe this time or choose something else?

So when is it the right time to eat well? To choose an apple instead of the cupcake or candy? To make eating a priority? To go to the gym or workout? To drink water? The answer for me is RIGHT NOW! Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter - It doesn't matter. There is healthy choices to be made all the time. Right NOW!!

Each moment is a chance to make a decision on what you are choosing. What are you choosing? Health or an excuse?

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