• Peggi Ingram

Weekend or Weakend?

Weekends and vacations are time to relax and let loose. It is a time to regenerate however that does not mean just a free for all on food and drink.

We like to think that the 80/20 rule will work for us and for some it will however if we are experiencing disease, inflammation or pain, this plan will not work every week.

That doesn't mean no fun or treats. It just means a bit more planning.

This weekend on the boat we are planning a cook out of burger bar with homemade mayo potato salad, and raw veggies. We may also plan on an outing for Thai food - one of my favorites.

And of course we keep plenty of healthy snacks on board for a quick boat trip or trip to the pool.

And not to forget the drinks. If it is not unsweetened tea with lime, I think I will also plan on a pitcher of Strawberry Hibiscus Tea to wet our whistles.

Dessert will be everyone's favorite double chocolate shortbread cookies.

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