• Peggi Ingram

Wanting is Not Enough

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

I see it all the time where we want to get healthy, we want to have good blood pressure or weight or even a strong body but we don't want to change anything we are doing - or better yet, we want someone else to do it for us! I laugh because I wish someone would do it for me!

We put out all the parameters on how this is going to happen, what we are going to do and not do. This is control and I ask - how is that working for you? This was exactly me in the beginning of my journey. Frankly, it was ALOT of work making sure things didn't change or that they were the way I wanted them to be AND I was not dropping any fat. It was not until I surrendered, became humble, got a coach AND followed her direction that I realized that being a nurse and a person who had dieted her whole life really had no clue how to get healthy and stay that way.

What are you controlling/resisting? Is it logging your food? Cooking? Exercise? Giving up alcohol/bread/sugar for a bit? Thinking you can do this with exercise alone? Making the suggested changes by your coach? Drinking water?

Spend a few minutes today just assessing where you are with your thoughts and actions. No judgement - just be aware. What would happen if you allowed yourself to do this differently - Do what you most resist doing? Hmmmm.

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