• Peggi Ingram

Want to vs Have to

I had a great conversation with a client of mine who was explaining that she hated working from home when she was told she had to but when she chose to do it recently, she really enjoyed it. She was motivated and productive.

This made me think of how we feel when we are told to eat a certain way vs when we choose it. Being told exactly what to eat can bring up alot of emotions of anger, resistance, frustration and deprivation.

I have many peeps in the beginning say - just tell me what to eat and I will do it and I know they will for a short period of time. Then when the emotions and detox start coming up - then it becomes too hard, too limiting and they stop.

There is another aspect as well. Those who do not want to be responsible for the choices that they make. They don't want to put in the personal work of reading ingredients or logging food, etc. It is easier to have it handed to them in a neat little package and then when they don't follow it to a T - then they can blame someone else.

My goal is to teach people what causes inflammation, disease/cancer and does not help the body heal. I teach skills of reading ingredients, how to search for healthy recipes, healthy substitutions to favorite foods, to log food and connect the dots to the effects of the food that is eaten. My goal is not to dictate exactly what foods to eat!

Do you want to or do you feel coerced into have to? Are you willing to do your work and take on the responsibility of your choices? Changing our outlook from have to - to want to changes the game all together.

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