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Walmart Find!

Walmart is very close to me so I frequent it quite a bit. While my main shopping is at Woodman's, Aldi's and Costco, sometimes I need to run out and get a few items and I am always checking the shelves for some healthy finds.

I was very excited to find these Wholeme grain-free clusters on the shelf. Previously, I had only found these at Costco or Whole Foods and had not seen them at Costco for a while. While these are $5.98 a package for 8 oz, they are a great treat for that sweet tooth, to take on a hike or to add almond milk for a quick cereal. You can find this in the aisle with the Rx bars near the granola section.

Awesome that they are sweetened with honey and maple syrup.

I also found these great beef sticks too. I had just ordered these (and Nick Sticks) from Amazon but they were not going to come in until Saturday while we were gone. I grabbed up a couple of these for $2.67 per stick I think. These were in the gluten free section as well as in the beef stick/potato chip aisle.

As you can see they are grass fed and finished and have no sugar at all in them. This is a great protein compliment to the granola above.

I was also able to pick up some Siete plain chips, Siete Nacho chips, and FitJoy plain pretzels in the potato chip aisle.

Here is one more thing I found. Who doesn't love a quick hamburger helper meal. While most of the time I make this from scratch, sometimes on the boat or with the kids we need a quick meal.

This was in the gluten free section and just need to add hamburger, water and milk - almond milk for us. While the corn starch is not the best ingredient - at least it is organic.

Hopefully, this will give you some snack and even a dinner idea.

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