• Peggi Ingram

Too Much?

Are your muscles burning? Is it difficult to sit down? Or get up? Do your arms feel like bricks? Does your abs hurt to move? Have you done too much?

Many who start a weight workout find that their muscles hurt or are stiff the next day or even on day 2. This is very normal. We just want to make sure it is not too much.

Starting a weight workout needs to be done slowly. Weights should be heavy enough to stretch the muscles and even cause micro tears in the muscle fibers which is what causes the stiffness and difficulty in movement but not that you can't get off the chair or do normal activities of daily movement without pain.

If you don't have any of these symptoms or soreness then you need to up the weights or the number of reps you are doing. If you feel you can't move without pain - that was too much. It is a fine line that only you know.

In either case, it is important that you don't stop moving and working out. Stiff and sore - do a slow cardio to get the muscles warmed up and moving. Move that blood supply. Stretch. Epsom salt bath. Push water! Do a gentle yoga or even a weight workout with lighter or no weights. Just don't stop. Adjust! You got this!

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