• Peggi Ingram

What are You Struggling With?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What are you struggling with? What is stressing you out? What has been on your mind lately?

With all the Covid issues and restrictions, changes to our daily routine, going back into the office or in person learning, along with even the news of a hurricane and world issues, we have alot on our minds. We can feel stress, worry, fearful, disconnected from others and even ourselves.

Much of what is going on we have absolutely NO control over. First - turn off the TV - it adds alot of stress. If you need background noise - turn on music instead.

I also suggest that when you are feeling this way to spend some quiet time journaling. Writing out your thoughts with no judgement. Allow the anger, fear, worry, tears etc. Release these emotion! Scream if you need to.

Then when you are ready - get into action. Do something for someone else - pick up the phone and call or better yet go to their house and talk outside or through the door. Connect with someone. Take a walk in the neighborhood and wave to those you see.

Another thing is also to focus on yourself. Plan a menu, shop (in person or on line), cook, meditate, exercise, take a bath, do a hobby you enjoy etc.

Do Something! Stay active in body, mind and spirit. Connect with others. Connect with yourself - you will know what to do.

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