• Erica Green

The Self-Talk of Athletes

Updated: May 17

There is a lot of internal dialogue that occurs between our ears. Some can be critical and limiting, while others pump you up and make you feel invincible. Research says we speak 50,000 words to ourselves per day. Here are some tips to make and keep the talk positive and productive:

-Make it a routine to start journaling with 3 things you’re grateful for

-Practice viewing disappointments as new opportunities

-Develop a mantra, a word or phrase that motivates you. Examples can be-

  • It’s game time!

  • Just do it! (Thanks Nike)

  • Now is your time!

  • I am the greatest! (Thank you, Muhammad Ali)

  • The best & brightest!

  • Carpe diem!

-Start your day with with your mantra and choose a booster time in the afternoon.

-Put your 3 minute booster time as an alert in your calendar.

Crush it!

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