• Peggi Ingram

The Mental Practice

We tend to focus alot of attention on our physical journey - eating better and exercise but many of us do not focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of our physical journey. Many struggle with being alone with their thoughts.

Our brains are on constant overload. Our thoughts are all over the place. We think of what we need to do . We worry about things we have no control over. We get anxious about what is coming. We lay down at night and the brain just doesn't turn off so we can sleep. Does this sound familiar?

Our bodies are the physical aspect of life. Our brain/thoughts/feelings also control and affect our physical being. It is important to nurture this aspect of our being too.

Meditation to many seems to be something woo-woo. Something only 'those peeps' do. What I am calling meditation is anything we do to relax, to sit quiet with no TV or electronics interrupting us, to focus on our breath, to allow our thoughts without judgement. We can hand write in a journal during that time, listen to calming music while we close our eyes and breathe, have an audio program helping us focus on breath - whatever it is that you need to do this.

Start out slow - 5 minutes. Set a timer. If that is too long shorten it. When you feel ready increase the time. Schedule this time - preferably right after getting up before the mind gets too wild or right before bed or maybe both.

This practice assists the body with healing, with pain control, lowering blood pressure, stress and anxiety, sleep, etc. It also helps us be more compassionate and grateful, increases our happiness and optimism, helps create harmonious relationships, and produces a state of peace and well-being. Start your practice today!

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