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Sugar Sugar Sugar! READ the INGREDIENTS

Sugar is the #1 reason for inflammation in the body leading to obesity, pain and disease. It is also the most addicting - therefore the hardest to give up.

• Sugar (and sugar substitutes) is in almost EVERYTHING. Bread, catsup, salad dressings, protein or meal replacement shakes, etc. If you don’t believe me - check it out. Sugar has been added to many foods in the past 20 years to make them more appealing and taste better.

• Look at any package and check out the ingredients - Not the nutritional label but the list of ingredients. What do you see? High fructose corn syrup? cane sugar? organic sugar? Agave? lactose? sucrose? maltdextrose? What about artificial sugar? the list will go on and on as there are hundreds of names for sugar.

• Look at EVERY label. What is it that you eat that does NOT contain sugar? If your food has sugar/artificial sugar in it - Consider not eating it. Look for healthy alternatives or a comparable product with no sugar. That may mean preparing something instead of it being a prepackaged grab.

• I know you are thinking - here is the deprivation part. Giving up what I love. From one sugar addict to another, giving up sugar does not mean giving up sweets treats. What it actually means is making a choice to improve my health since I know that sugar feeds disease.

• There are several acceptable forms of sweetener to use. My first choice is Stevia - liquid form only. I like Sweetleaf. (Truvia and other powder sweeteners are cut with maltdextrose or other sugars!) Next local organic honey or pure maple syrup as well as coconut nectar are also acceptable forms of sweetener.

• Become informed of what you are putting in your body. Do this slowly or quickly - your choice. The sooner unhealthy sugar is fully removed from what you put in your pie hole, the quicker results will be seen - your choice. Check out my label reading video - it is a bit old but is a goodie https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcezviixh38fg1p/Label%20Reading%20.mov?dl=0

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