• Peggi Ingram

Snacking: Healthy or Hinderance

Many people swear that you should only eat 3 meals a day. Other feel that snacking in between keeps the metabolism going and is a good thing to do.

I personally feel that 'snacking' is important to the body. BUT, it has to be good healthy, food. I look at snacks as meals actually. I suggest taking your planned menu of food and dividing that into 5 separate 'meals'.

These meals are to consist of protein and a healthy carbohydrate with some good fats along with it.

I recommend 'front loading' meaning that the first 4 meals are the heaviest in amounts especially carbohydrates and the last meal of the day is the lightest with a smaller amount of protein and lighter carbs.

This process of front loading and getting a decent 'meal' at 3-4 o'clock helps the body from being ravenous and grabbing that not so healthy snack. It also allows the body to rest after the dinner meal without having a large meal to digest. This helps with sleep along with fat loss.

Give this a try and see how it feels to you.

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