• Erica Green

Smart Phones can be, Umm Smart...

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Of course you figured out by now that you can do more than talk on a smart phone. Sure, you can text. Sure you’re going watch a video on YouTube. But a Smurf and crawl so be a wonderful way to meet your goals. With a few alarms and timers your smart phone can actually improve your way of life.

Do you find that you miss a lot of appointments? Do you find that you wish you had some thing that would check in on you? Do you wish you had someone to talk to? You probably understand it’s pretty easy to program your phone to do things. However, there just might be a little apprehension about the overinvolvement of a smart phone in your life. And the fear that it might get hacked in you when you can program your phone to drive you to work and instead you end up in Russia.

At a time with many people are trying to reduce their screen time, the thought of involving your phone more in your life may not be the most settling thing. However if you think of your phone it as a tool to accomplish your life schools then maybe it’s not so bad. And as you might be better off having used your phone as a tool than not. So go ahead and use the voice assistant to schedule your appointments for you on the fly. You’ll find you might be more punctual. And more prepared for your day.

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