• Erica Green

Simple Gratitude

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The Lounge for Adults-

These days the only thing that is predictable is more unexpected. With this past year, many have endured a variety of unexpected challenges. Change in work. Change in recreation. Change in daily habits. Struggling to find work. Inundated with too much work. No matter where someone fits on the spectrum, most would say that lately, experiences have been quite daunting. One way to stay grounded and ride the wave of tumultuous uncertainty is simple gratitude.

Simple gratitude is not trying to control the future with elaborate plans. Simple gratitude is not wishing you would’ve pursued a certain career so you would feel more prepared. Simple gratitude is reflecting on things that are going well right now. Reflecting on the air in your lungs. It may also be grateful for knowing from where your next meal will come. It’s also being thankful for no matter where you are in the world, the sun is always shining somewhere. You may have to wait a little to see it, but its not far.

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