• Peggi Ingram

Set Your Scale - I Mean Clocks Back

Yep it is that time of the year to set our clocks back 1 hour. As we come into the holiday season, starting today with Halloween, I think we all want to set the scales back too. 👻

This time of the year there are alot of treats and alcohol that tempt even the most powerful willpower.

I have never felt we can work through will power alone. We must also have discipline and most importantly a plan. How do we circumvent the candy left over from Halloween? First I don't have it to give out and secondly if I did I would throw it out. Yep that is wasteful but the way I look at it no one needs it.

What about any party/holiday you may be invited to? Eat well before you go. Take a healthy dish and make sure you get a serving early because it will be gone first. Bake a healthy treat to take as well. Have a baggie of chicken and apple or other snack in the car if you need it. Where there is a desire to meet a goal - there is a way. Are you willing to do it.

These next weeks leading into the holidays I will be focusing on healthy recipes, tips to handling situations that we most encounter during this time of the year including how to schedule exercise and especially the stress of holiday shopping and expectations.

What topic are you interested in? Leave a comment below.

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