• Erica Green

Seeing is Believing

If we stop and take a moment to look around our classroom, what do we see? Look beyond that annoying kid and the clock that offers you a countdown for when you’re out of there. Instead, look at the items in the room for their design. Where the buttons are on the smart board. The contour and color of the stapler. The style of the desks. The decorations around the room. Though random, the one thing they all have in common not so much they’re mostly office supplies. The core is they started as one’s vision.

In the world of sports, premier athletes function on a similar principle. Being the best at what they do is by design. In their head they visualize the perfect 3 point shot, the field goal at the 50, being on the podium receiving the medal again and again. The key is they rehearse being successful. They see themselves doing incredible feats, which allows them to plan positioning, muscle memory repitition, and confidence.

So what if we’re not an Olympian, you ask? Let’s say, P.E. flag football is your game… and you’re the kid who is always picked last. Well, visualize last no more. Imagine your perfect play. You’re on the field and you’re ready. A teammate who rarely appreciates your athletic prowess, fumbles, and you are there for the perfect scoop. The other kids roar with excitement. You spot the touchdown cones and you go for it. You weave around one kid -who trips (not your doing). You bound over another who makes an attempt for one of your flags -and fails. As you get closer to the goal line, another kid lunges for your flag, but nope. You’re like a gazelle. In fact, kids start calling you gazelle. Better yet, cheetah. In the back of your head you start hearing the Monday Night Football theme, and chants of Chee-tah, Chee-tah. As you cross the touchdown goal line your classmates erupt in louder cheers. You spike the ball and do a little touchdown jig. In full composure, you give a high five to your gym teacher (who just stands with jaw dropped) and you walk off the field. Game over! The next time you actually go to gym, you have the confidence no one has ever seen. You volunteer to be team captain (first time ever), and the rest is history.

You crushed it!

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