• Peggi Ingram

Rules of Life

I think there are so many 'rules' in life and it is important to LIVE life.

This picture gives 7 overall rules which are awesome to start with but there are so many more.

  • Stay present. What is in the past is in the past and has created who you are today but it does not dictate who you can be tomorrow.

  • Let go of the future. While we create our future by the choices we make today, worrying about it or fearing what is coming is not helpful. Take this moment and live it.

  • Say yes. Trust in what is being given to you. What is not to happen with magically fall away.

  • Let go of the guilt, blame and shame. This keeps us in a cycle of victimhood instead of in actions. Take responsibility for your actions, learn from it and move on.

  • Acknowledge what you need and go for it. If you need human connection, create it. If you need alone time, make it a priority.

  • Look in the mirror. Realize that everything happening 'to' you is a reflection of yourself. If you see crankiness, that is in you. If you see beauty - that is in you too.

  • Be grateful. Everything we have been given - experience, happiness, joy, pain and suffering is for us to learn, create coping mechanism, make changes by looking inside and healing.

  • Be kind. No matter what -be kind - to your neighbor and to yourself. Practice the golden rule. Not as easy as sounds.

What 'rules' do you follow?

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