• Peggi Ingram

Reflection: Clearing the Path

I love this time of the year. It brings back memories of the corporate annual review, which I loved. A time to look back at the year to the significant events, the challenges and the successes. The things we would do different and the decisions that got us where we are today. A time to decide what we want to do next.

While no longer in the corporate world, I still take this week and next to do that same reflection in my personal life. To review the events, the opportunities and the lessons that were so graciously given to me.

For me, this year has been a very eventful year with many life altering lessons.

  • Life is a series of events from the choices I make. I am where I am because of the choices I have made. I am here to learn something, do something. If I don't like where I am - I can make a different choice(s).

  • Grief has no boundaries. It shows up when least wanted/expected and breaks the walls built to create a vulnerability like no other.

  • I am ok! Nope I am more than OK! I am AWESOME. Judgment and criticism of self has no place in progress.

  • I have learned a sense of kindness and gentleness to self and others. (I think this has come out of the vulnerability of grief.) I don't need to be perfect, just willing to keep moving forward or sit with what is here.

  • Stress/hormone imbalance does not allow for fat loss. I can't out run it (literally and figuratively) Work on the root or it is an uphill battle.

  • Daily meditation/prayer keeps me grounded.

  • It is ok to have fun, be playful, laugh and feel relief as well as be alone, cry, and sift through emotions.

  • I am here and this is where I am suppose to be!

Do you spend the time in reflecting on the year or do you just wish to move forward without it? What great events have happened for you? What awesome lessons and opportunities have you experienced this year? Have you seen these experiences before?

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