• Erica Green

RedNinja17 is a friend, right?

The Café for Teens-

Perhaps, what you’re really asking is, can RedNinja17 be a friend. Are they even human? The answer then is...probably human, but probably not capable of being a good one. Ok, so sure there is etiquette out on how to make gamer friends. But there are a lot to questions, overall. If they are actually human and not a bot, if they are who they say they are, and the age they claim to be. If they are even in the same country as you, would you really talk to them or even meet them? You know if you did, that would just ooze of creepiness and is very unsafe. But wait, you already talk to them through the game? That's still weird.

Sure, you like video games. You see these same guys online all the time. They have sick moves and seem to always have extra ammo. BUT, is it a relationship that will make you feel good about yourself at the end of the day? Or is it a relationship of convenience that will pull you more into something your parents already are in disagreement about? You know, the amount of time already spent on there. The more you bury your head in the games, the more likely you’ll miss something -in the real world. For example, that English paper you’ve been putting off, that chore around the house to earn a few bucks, or even chatting with that person you like. Yes, actually chatting with a real person your own age, in real time.

So RedNinja17 is most likely a person, but least likely to be a good friend for you...

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