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Quick Healthy Snack or Candy Bar?

Updated: Feb 4

I don't know about you but I do look for a the occasional quick clean snack that is easy to pack on my errands or have at my desk. I need something that will help me get through the afternoon without hitting the candy jar - can you relate?

So what about the quick protein bars? Frankly they are hard to find clean ones. I hate to break it to you but almost ALL of the advertised protein bars are glorified candy bars. They are ladened with sugar and unhealthy ingredients. There are some good ones out there but really look at the ingredient label. Here are my suggestions that I have researched:

  • Epic Bars - these are like a jerky consistency however they too have some sugar in them as most so.

  • Quest Bars - pretty clean - can get on Amazon

  • Risebars - these I just found but look clean - order at risebar.com

  • Paleovalley beef sticks - again a bit of sugar but talked to owner and the sugar is eaten up in the fermenting process. paleovalley.com

  • Nick’s sticks - beef stick - really good. Amazon.com (My favorite! paired with an apple!)

  • Rx bars - these are pretty good but really do taste like a candy bar.

Again these are for the occasional need not for every day! What are you eating? Have you found any good ones? Send me your suggestion and I would be happy to evaluate the ingredients.

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