• Peggi Ingram


We all have preferences. We like sweet things or we like savory. We like to get up early or we don't. When I first start working with clients, I hear alot of 'stories'. I don't like this or I won't eat that or I won't do this. These preferences, when they are strong, can hinder our progress.

Being open to new foods, new ways of doing things, open ourselves up to success. This makes total sense. If we are unwilling to do, eat, or consider doing anything different, then we will not see change.

So how set are you in what you eat? How open are you to a different way of working out? Are you willing to do things differently? It is important to look at our preferences and do what we can to eliminate as many of them as possible as well as our story around why we have to do it that way. See where you are stuck, where you don't want to change. This is a powerful step in success.

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