• Peggi Ingram

Planning a Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

I have heard from many of you that this year your Thanksgiving will not be celebrated in person with family. Some are ordering out and some are making small meals. No matter how you plan to celebrate this meal is an easy meal to keep healthy and 'clean'.

For those who are cooking but want it easy or making for a small bunch - try this Sheet Pan Thanksgiving Dinner for Two.

For those cooking for larger bunches, google recipes that are paleo, whole 30 or even keto which helps to keep the dish cleaner. It is easy to change most recipes out to be healthier without changing the taste.

For those candied sweet potatoes using maple syrup or honey and skipping the marshmallows.

The gravy can be made the same but subbing the flour with tapioca flour or arrowroot.

The dressing/stuffing can be made homemade using a gluten free flour or bread. (Not perfect but alot better than all that wheat!)

The green bean casserole can be changed to fresh green beans and the cranberries can be cooked with coconut sugar or maple syrup.

Now for dessert - what about a Pumpkin Custard instead of pie but don't forget the whole whipping cream or whipped coconut cream to top it off.

Or Easy Chocolate Bark which is good anytime.

For those ordering out I suggest filling up on the turkey, mashed potatoes, and fresh veggies and passing on the dressing, gravy, buns, candied sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce along with pie to feel your best and not fuel the inflammation. Your body will thank you later that day and that weekend.

And finally spend a few minutes celebrating this holiday for what it is all about - Gratitude!

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