• Peggi Ingram

PLAN AHEAD: Dinner Ideas

Do you find yourself grabbing for the easy quick snack as soon as you walk in the door from work? Are you deciding on ordering a pizza or fast food for dinner because you need something quick? Making good healthy food choices is almost impossible when we are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Do you agree? Our resolve and will power is at the lowest. This is where planning ahead makes life SOOOOO much easier.

What if you put a pot roast in the crock pot before you left for work? Dinner would be done and decided when you got home. What if you cook double or triple amounts when you do cook so there are left overs - even if you freeze them? What if you decided what you were having for lunch and snack at work and you packed it the night before? Wow wouldn’t the morning be so much easier? What about cooking a dozen eggs while dinner is cooking?

I can’t emphasize how much easier, less stressful and more on target life gets when we plan ahead. Life throws us curve balls all the time but if we have our food planned out - that is one less thing to worry about AND we won’t feel compelled to grab unhealthy snacks along the way.

So how do we begin this? Get a pen and paper and plan out the next 5 days dinner whether you use what you already have in the house or you check recipes and go to the store. Here are my next 5 days dinner ideas:

  1. Pot roast with potato, onions and carrots added into the pot. (leftovers for lunch)

  2. Marinated sirloin steak and chicken with grilled onions/peppers with Spanish rice or on top of salad. (leftover chicken into a chicken salad, steak on salad or in rice as a casserole)

  3. Whole chicken in crock pot. Sides mashed potatoes/cauliflower and green beans. Add water and cook remaining chicken carcass overnight and make chicken soup with rice, carrots, spinach, zucchini, etc

  4. Hamburgers with foiled grilled potatoes/onions (cook enough for leftovers)

  5. Meatballs with homemade sauce and spaghetti squash or Rice noodles from Oriental aisle. (Awesome as leftovers.)

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