• Erica Green

One Step at a Time

The Lounge for Adults-

So you know that walking is good for you, but you find it’s so inconvenient. There is a little island of centenarians who use walking as their main way of transportation...and yes, they’re over 100. However, you may ask, is it even worth it especially when I don’t feel like it? The answer is yes. Walking each days holds many benefits.

Cardio strengthens the heart and release serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter that improves our mood. If we can get outdoors and off the treadmill, we’ll find that the sun offers additional benefits such as vitamin D, which is helpful in fighting depression. And nothing beats fresh air and a nice gentle breeze to invigorate the senses. If the thought is daunting, start small and simple. Work your way up.

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