• Peggi Ingram

Not All Things are Equal

Many are tracking their food with macronutrients, meaning tracking certain number of calories,

protein, carbohydrate, and fat grams. This is powerful information to know for sure but.....Just because a food fits into the plan does not mean it works for you and your health goal especially if that goal is fat loss or reducing your cholesterol or A1C numbers.

McDonald's Big Mac and large fry with a supersize Diet Coke can fit into the macro plan but it will not support your goal. The quality and make up of food is very important as well and that is why I talk about ingredients all the time.

While healthy crackers or muffins, rice, potatoes, or nuts, etc may fit in, it does not mean they will help in reaching the goal. Many of these food inhibit or slow down the fat loss process. While you may be able to eat once in a while, eating these foods daily will not assist you in reaching the goal.

This does not mean that after you reach your goals - you won't be able to add in some of these foods on a limited basis but right now - they will not help you.

Working with macronutrients open our eyes to not everything is created equal. This is a learning process for each and every one of us because what one person can eat and still drop fat and what someone else can do are very different.

Pay attention to how you feel when you eat some of these foods. When the scale stops moving or goes up. When you feel full for longer than 2.5 hours. When you are triggered with cravings. These are signs that something is not working. While it may be 'healthy' - it doesn't mean it is for you!

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