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My Teacher is so Impossible, I’ll Never Pass...

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

By Erica Green

12/27/ 2020 Café for Teens So you have to take a class that’s not exactly your forte. Yeah, it happens to everyone. However for you, it seems like you always get the worst teachers in the world. And you see no way that you can pass the class when you have a teacher that’s so horrible. But, there’s a way to cope.

Try and think of it this way. Your teacher was a student, too. It might’ve been a long time ago, and it might’ve been and the time when the education and curriculum, and the expectations of students were a little different. However, teachers are people, too. They can relate to the difficulty of going to class. The remote thing might be new, however they know what it’s like to be in class and feel completely lost. So just be honest with them. Just ask them for a moment to meet with you -just for 15 minutes. Sometimes it helps to get to know the teacher first (confirm they’re human) and then you might feel comfortable asking the more difficult questions about the class. The worst thing that can happen is they will say no. But at least you tried.

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