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Motivate Me, Building a Playlist

Updated: May 3, 2021

You feel the need to step-up your game. Whether to increase your focus to get that “A” or increase the intensity of your after school practice, you are ready for your moment. You're ready to crush it and win! But unfortunately, with your drive right now, you're feeling to seize that moment might be, um...tomorrow? Yes. You've run into one small problem. It’s sooo comfortable to keep your current situation, even though part of you is craving for the perks of your best performance: popularity (easier to get dates), recognition, pleasing parents, attention from local papers, a larger yearbook spread and street cred at school.

This is actually, very normal. Just about every athlete would love to stand on the Olympic podium, but few can survive the day-to-day gauntlet of getting there. Sport psychologists have researched quite a bit on mental preparation and how to achieve optimal performance goals. The first step is defining what it is you want. This makes the path getting there more clear. Is it’s to be MVP that game, practice, or make it to the state tournament? A good next step is to determine how you’ll get there. In this case, your drive or rocket boosters. This is crucial because wisdom and talent can only go so far without inspiration.

There are plenty of motivating things out there, such as a coach, a lucky shirt, or favorite movie. However, a quick and inexpensive source is a song. Baseball players have them for their walk-up. Many athletes cannot get into the zone without them. Choosing a song is easy. It’s could be one that has personal meaning from a special time or movie sound tracks like Rocky, superhero movies, or any action movie can work, too. Here are a list of motivational playlists to try from some of our most inspiring people:

Michael Phelps -Olympic Gold Medalist

Misty Copland -World Renown Ballerina

Megan Rapinoe -US Women’s Soccer & other Olympians

How do you know the one, you ask? Well, if it mentally transports you to a place of optimism, gets your adrenaline going, and makes you want to move and beat all obstacles. Yep, that’s the one. This method is also discribed in Teen Titans Go.

NOTE: This technique is not just for sports. It works for homework or any task you dread.

Crush it!!!

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