• Erica Green

Masks: A Pathway to Superpower Discovery

The Café for Teens-

You probably understand that Covid masks are just what we’re doing right now to keep everyone healthy, but the visual? When you imagine the optics of masks in literary history, masked avengers are either heroes or their antithesis. But you may be feeling a little average, perhaps even a little invisible? How can we turn mask wearing into a strength when we’re feeling less than stellar?

Believe it or not, there are pros to wearing masks...outside of hiding yawns and gum chewing. It could be training to speak up and have your voice heard. It can also encourage you to make better eye contact, the only facial expression people can see. Or perhaps, above all else, you can imagine your mask can help hone in on some other superpower. Jim Kwik talks about we all have something we’re good at, the true quest is discovering what -our superpower. Each time you put your mask on is a reminder of that skill which fuels your confidence and caring for humanity. Here you come to save the day!

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