• Peggi Ingram

How We Respond

This last year or so has had some huge stressors as we have been locked down, put into a constant state of fear, heard bad things constantly from the news, have had people die who we may not have been able to spend time with or honor, have been isolated from our family and friends, have lost businesses, have had to learn a new way to work, have spent alot more time with immediate family in close quarters, have had to make some tough decisions, etc

Stress is a real health buster. Whether we THINK we are handling things well or not, stress plays havoc with our hormones, keep us from losing weight, exacerbate a disease, affect our sleep, etc.

While life is opening up a bit, this too is change for us and creates stress as we start to reintegrate into a routine that may frighten us.

It is good to take a deep breath and realize that it is not what is happening around us or to us but how we respond to that which creates the stress.

Deep breathing, pausing without reacting and allowing a few minutes to pass before we react or respond may be what it takes to take our power back. Then we may be able to see things in a different light or as a great opportunity for growth.

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