• Peggi Ingram

How to Record Water Intake

I have had alot of questions of peeps having difficulty entering water. I want to make this simple.

On your home page most of you have a task to enter 4-16oz/day for a total of 64oz/day

Click on that task and enter in just the amount you drank - any whole number - no decimals but must be 16 or above, change the date/time and click Submit at the top right.

*****If you enter in 16*9 or any number BELOW 16 it will not register.

You will know it has been registered if your task shows 1 of 4 completed.

This task does not add up oz either - meaning you can't enter 10 one time and 6 the other and expect your task to be completed - it must be 16 or above.

If this task does not work for you - please let me know and I can change it to 1 time per day for 64 oz or whatever number makes sense to you.

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