• Erica Green

How to Love Winter...

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Let’s face it. In winter workout are just more challenging. It’s colder so it makes things more sluggish. It gets darker earlier, so it’s harder to get the vitamin D of sunlight to feel better, and there aren’t as many outdoor activities that take place in winter opportunities that give good exercise. so instead we can look at winter has an awkward season.

Similarly how are you plan for summer vacations, and a weekend at the beach, you also can start to plan exciting winter getaways. You can go to a hotel, in a new city. You can try a winter sport that you’ve never tried before maybe ice-skating maybe cross country skiing or even going back to your childhood and buying that toboggan and looking for a local hill to explore. If outdoor activities still aren’t convincing for you, try indoor movie parties. Oscars are just around the corner, why don’t you plan to ask her zoom party. these activities might be a little awkward at first and change your routine, but perhaps that’s what you need to start to enjoy the season a little more.

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