• Peggi Ingram

Holiday Survival Workout #1

Surviving the holidays without the dreaded 10-15# weight gain means exercise is on the schedule. Exercise means moving the body, the whole body.

Walking is especially important but here is a week of full body workouts. This can be with weights or without. Modify to your needs but make sure you push yourself too.

This says to do one round for beginners and 2 for experiences but I would say 2 rounds for the beginner and 3 or 4 for the experienced with maybe a modification of the # of reps.

If day 2 of the workout has created too much muscle discomfort - then walk. Move the blood. Stretch the muscles. Do NOT just sit on the couch. This will just make you more sore.

While we are super busy - it will be even more important to schedule this time.

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