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Holiday Survival Tip: Afternoon Craving

So you start the day out pretty good. You eat a great breakfast and then maybe even a snack and then by lunch, you have gotten sidetracked at work or your coworker decides to order out for lunch and lunch is not what you planned to eat, if you ate at all.

Then by 2-3 o'clock, the Halloween candy is just too hard to pass up anymore and then you walk into the house and eat everything is sight. You know that feeling right?

So why does this happen and how to prevent this?


Our blood sugar drops significantly after a high carbohydrate meal signaling the brain for food. Our palate will then crave the sugar.

Ways to prevent this:

  1. Eat high protein with healthy fats, pairing with the carbohydrate.

  2. Front load - meaning eat more food before 2-3 pm and less after.

  3. Have a good healthy snack for the afternoon around 2-3. This will prevent walking into the door at home and eating everything in site.

  4. Have healthier satisfying snacks ready when you get home such as Hummus and carrots, or slices of chicken and apple.


We don't eat breakfast or skip lunch.

Ways to prevent this:

  1. Set an alarm to make sure you get lunch.

  2. Walk out the door with a couple of hard boiled eggs and an apple or even a protein shake.

  3. Pack lunch from leftovers from the night before.

  4. Have healthy snacks at your desk in case that last minute meeting goes longer than planned.


HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired - These are known triggers when we grab the not so healthy choices.

Ways to prevent this:

  1. Feed yourself regularly. We all know when we are Hangry!

  2. Acknowledge the Hangry and EAT. Stop everything and eat a protein and carb.

  3. Be aware of that lonely and tired munching and make sure there are healthy options available.

  4. Take a nap if possible or sit and breath

  5. Take a walk

Having a plan or tips and tricks to help prevent these cravings will prevent the mindless grazing or famished gorging. What is your trick?

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